Q-HSE performance recovery program

How to significantly and rapidly improve the Q-HSE performance of your business through selected and coordinated actions?


Recovering QHSE PerformanceHas the Q-HSE performance of your business deteriorated significantly over the past few months, whether for internal or external reasons?
Has performance reached a level that is no longer acceptable to your stakeholders?
Solutions are needed urgently. Where to turn?




To achieve this goal and return to an acceptable and sustainable position, efforts should focus primarily on three areas:
1. Changing day-to-day behaviors

2. Restoring exemplary behaviors and getting top management and the entire line organization involved

3. Instilling a sense of urgency



Actions to remobilize field personnel range from a simple reminder of basic rules to cascading training sessions based on identifying, analyzing and mitigating high operational risks. These sessions are supported by lessons learned from an analysis of recent incidents and their root causes.

In addition to the above actions, management must be fully engaged. This new stance should be demonstrated by exemplary individual behavior in all circumstances. Unscheduled visits should take place. When necessary, exceptional human, technical and financial resources should be mobilized. This will enable the organization to quickly deploy corrective and preventive action plans resulting from the analysis of recent incidents.

Communication actions are implemented to support this plan. They can take the simplest form, such a posting campaign using existing media, or be more ambitious, such as scheduling thematic “focus days” for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, regulators and suppliers.

In addition to the above actions, a sense of urgency must be instilled through the repeated communication of objectives and issues, performance indicators and best practices. This information must be brought to everyone’s attention in an uncompromising way, using well-tailored messages and media for each target audience.



Initiating a recovery program improves performance significantly. Overall, it takes from three to six months to generate a 20% to 50% improvement for a given performance indicator.
With its mobilizing effect, this process also makes a significant contribution to continuous improvement and sustainable performance.



Whether it is focused intervention at a specific stage of the program or longer term coaching on the program, my goals remain the same: results at each step and priority given to behavioral change.



• Building of the performance recovery program and recommended steps, leading of the thematic days

• Learning by doing” sessions in coordination with experts focused on identifying, analyzing and mitigating risk

• Coaching of support function managers

• Follow-up evaluation of the enhancement programs



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